Petkus K -541 (Super)

Model: Petkus K-541 (Super)
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Расположение: Ukraine, Poltava

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Short characteristics
Length, mm 4717
Width, mm 1325
Height, mm 2100
All characteristics

Petkus K-541 (Super) is a grain cleaning and sorting machine designed
for cleaning and sorting seeds of grain and vegetable crops from various impurities, puny
and crushed grain weeds.
It is a small, and functional device which makes possible the
accurate cleaning and sorting of seeds to get good quality seeds for planting.

Specification: Petkus “Super” is equipped with special comfortable funnel through which
it is easy and pretty fast to load the material directly from bags. Platforms send grain to the
top screen where with the help of airflow it is cleaned from small particles. Upper screen
removes large debris. A brush carriage cleans the screen. After cleaning the grain goes for its
further purification to the indented cylinder or directly to packaging. It is necessary to use
indented to get rid of the feedstock of broken grains or seeds of weedy – they are removed


Length, mm 4717


Width, mm 1325


Height, mm 2100


Weight, kg 762

Electric motor

Drive motor, KW 3,0

Number of revolutions

Number of revolutions, rev/min 1450


Industrial cleaning, t/h 1,75
Seed cleaning, t/h 1,25


The number of sieve surfaces, pc 2

Indented cylinder

The number of indented cylinder, pc 1


Diameter of the aspiration connection pipe, mm 400

Optional equipment

Cyclone, pc 1
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Petkus K -541 (Super)