Petkus K-531 (Gigant)

Model: Петкус К-531 (Гигант)
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Расположение: Ukraine, Poltava

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Short characteristics
Length, mm 5060
Width, mm 2100
Height, mm 2210
All characteristics

The Petkus K-531(Gigant) with Indented cylinder. The machine is designed for cleaning and calibration of sunflower seeds and all the seeds of any agricultural plants. Indented cylinder is designed to separate round or oblong impurities.
The product is moved from the inlet hopper through the pre-aspiration duct. Light rejects, husk and dust are separated here. The top screen separates large and coarse rejects. A brush carriage cleans the screen. Further light rejects with lower density are separated there by the air flow. Special brushes clean the bottom screen. The cleaned seeds than go to the channel of the main pre-aspiration duct , there light and middle due to the weight impurities are separated. The cleaned product is transported to the indented cylinders where short rejects, e.g. broken grains and round weed seed are rejected. The cleaned seed is transported to the bagging devices on the indented cylinder and can be bagged-off here.
Construction: inlet hopper, one pre aspiration duct with a screen, upper screen with brush carriage, bottom screen with clean brushes, pre-aspiration duct channel with a screen, built-in fan, 2 indented cylinders, bagging device for clean seeds bagging and for impurities (if ordered), pipe connection, full lining, metal springs fixation.


Length, mm 5060


Width, mm 2100


Height, mm 2210


Weight, kg 1300

Electric motor

Drive motor, KW 4.0

Number of revolutions

Number of revolutions, rev/min 1450


Industrial cleaning, t/h 3,5
Seed cleaning, t/h 2,5


The number of sieve surfaces, pc 2

Indented cylinder

The number of indented cylinder, pc 2


Diameter of the aspiration connection pipe, mm 450
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Petkus K -531 (Gigant)