Petkus K -310

Model: Petkus K-310
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Расположение: Украина, Полтава

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Short characteristics
Length, mm 1130
Width, mm 995
Height, mm 1960
All characteristics

The Clover leaning machine K-310. In addition to wiping of
clover seeds the machine also provides bundle of double-seeds and increases flow ability of
cereal grass.

Specification: It is a conical cylinder with strips whips awarded a split casing. From inside
grooved decks are fixed. The gap between the whips and the deck can be adjusted. The cylinder
is driven by an electric motor through belt transmission.


Length, mm 1130


Width, mm 995


Height, mm 1960


Weight, kg 400

Electric motor

Drive motor, KW 7,5

Number of revolutions

Number of revolutions, rev/min 650


Seed cleaning, t/h 0,3
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Petkus K -310