Petkus K -218 (Selektra)

Model: Petkus K-218 (Selektra)
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Расположение: Украина, Полтава

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Short characteristics
Length, mm 3100
Width, mm 1900
Height, mm 2800
All characteristics

The Grass-seed cleaning machine
Petkus K-218 (Selektra)
 is designed for Industrial and secondary
cleaning of heap of grains, legumes and oilseed crops with bringing them to the product
and seed condition, preparing cereal crops seeds for sowing crops (oats, barley, wheat,
millet, rice, corn, etc.) and oilseeds (rapeseed , wild turnip, sunflower, mustard, etc.),
calibration. Also, the machine may be represented as cleansing and sorting machine  
in the production of bean and beet seeds, field seeds, forage and other crops. Also
the machine may be used for cleaning of grain and oilseeds which are meant to be for
sale for consumer enterprise.


Length, mm 3100


Width, mm 1900


Height, mm 2800


Weight, kg 1000

Electric motor

Drive motor, KW 1,5

Number of revolutions

Number of revolutions, rev/min 1440


Cleaning forage grasses, t/h 0,2-0,35
Grain cleaning, t/h 1-1,5


The number of sieve surfaces, pc 3
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Petkus K -218 (Selektra)