Petkus K -590 (Magnet cleaner)

Model: Petkus K-590
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Short characteristics
Length, mm 2350
Width, mm 1000
Height, mm 1800
All characteristics

Seed cleaning machine Petkus K-590 (Magnet Cleaner) 
is designed for cleaning flax seeds and herbs from hard-separated seeds, weeds that have a rough
surface. The machine can work individually as well as in production lines of seed cleaning and seed
cleaning-drying centers and factories. K-590 is equipped with an inlet hopper with seed dispenser,
inclined screw, twin-shaft mixer, vibration feeder-spreader, magnet cylinder, magnetic powder spreader,
seed receiver with divider,  moisturizer (humidifier), faction receivers, consists of Sediment seed hopper
with dosing inclined screw, twin-shaft mixer, vibrating feeder distributor, magnetic drum, magnetic
powder feeder, seed receiver with divider, humidifier, swinging device, receiving fraction box, actuator
(drive), scraper for electrical equipment, air duct, and whirler. Units are mounted to the frame with
the door tightly closed. On top the car is covered. Dusty air is removed from the machine through the
air duct and purified using a whirler with installed fan. The principle of work of the machine is based
on the ability of weed seeds with a rough surface to be wrapped with a special magnetic powder, after
which they become attracted to the magnetic properties and are pulled to magnetic drum.


Length, mm 2350


Width, mm 1000


Height, mm 1800


Weight, kg 755

Electric motor

Drive motor, KW 1,1


Seed cleaning, t/h 0,5


Diameter of the aspiration connection pipe, mm 150

Optional equipment

Cyclone, pc 1
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Petkus K -590 (Magnet cleaner)