Total renovation of technique
At first glance you may have an impression that technique after renovation is worse than new, but it can be refuted:
- to restore technique is cheaper than to buy new items and the price difference is significant;
- restoration is manual, not conveyor (it is well known that manual assembly is more quality than conveyor);
- while total restoration a complete disassembly of the machine is carried out, after what the restoration is held from the very base with complete replacement of worn parts;
- after the restoration the machine is completely tested;
- the restored technique is provided by a guarantee period, which is 1 year.

Practice shows that the restored technique in it`s operational qualities is not worse than new one, it also regularly serves throughout the period of exploitation.
If you have any farming technique which needs repair, please contact us. We`ll give an advice, help with delivery, take care of all the problems associated with restoration.
There is no need to take broken equipment to scrap when you can restore it and continue to use or sell. In any case, the benefits will be more than just metal price.
You can order all the necessary component parts, get the help of specialists about installation and setting of techniques, advice about production processes.